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TAC (October 24, 2009): The E. J. Jordan Designs website is currently offline.

E. J. Jordan Designs web site (October 24, 2009): E.J. Jordan Designs has over forty years experience with wide bandwidth, metal cone drivers. Our new drive units push the performance of metal cones to new levels and represent the best in wideband, high end loudspeakers. We offer two drivers at present:

The JXR6 HD is the world's widest-range 2" driver, capable of operating from 80Hz to 30kHz. Used singly or in a linear array, it is capable of unprecedented levels of detail and clarity.

The JX92S full-range driver can operate from 35Hz to above 20kHz with no need for crossovers or supplementary tweeters, giving a coherent sound free from phase or crossover distortion.

These units form the cutting edge of today's loudspeaker technology and are available both to commercial loudspeaker manufacturers and to the individual DIY enthusiast.

Our engineering philiosophy is based on simplicity and elegance to reproduce the full richness and life of natural sound. Please explore further to discover more about these high end drive units.

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