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Sonic Craft web site (July 22, 2009): The goal of Sonic Craft is to supply the finest audio products with the best service possible. We will be working hard in 2009 to bring you E-commerce (online shopping). However, we will always be here to ensure our customers are making the most informed purchase possible via two-way communication. If you do not see certain products of interest in the pages ahead, let us know, so we can check availability and/or consider this product for stocking inventory. Sonic Craft is large enough to service your needs, yet small enough to ' know' you.

One of the most significant discoveries I made several years ago when designing speakers was that regardless of response curves, the use of certain crossover components, connections, and wire made a vast improvement over the main stream parts currently available. The improvements were independent of the "standard methods" of quantifying quality, but special component construction/design reproduced better sound. Some of these qualities are difficult or impossible to quantify at this time. This type of scenario has given rise to convictions such as: "For those who have experienced it, no explanation is necessary.....for those who have not, none is possible". The formally educated side of me is disturbed by this. None the less, I hear what I hear. Case in point, the speaker that measures great, but sounds mediocre at best. You may know the story, but how about the solution? Simple, all the right variables are not being measured, or identified for that matter. Again, all quality has yet to be quantified.

Our belief is "anything worth doing is worth doing well". Reactive and resistive components alter audio signals (hopefully for the better), but they will never improve the quality of the input signal. The products that we carry degrade input signal less than others. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". In the audio chain, the error of a weak link is multiplicative more than not.

Proper application and execution will play a large role in the success of any project. However, if your goal is the best sounding system possible, it will certainly contain many of the products listed here! Sonic Craft offers friendly technical assistance, and the best prices on the products that we carry.

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