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Company name Vifa
Address Islevdalvej 137, 2610 Rødovre, Denmark
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Telephone number +45 58 18 88 70
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General information

TAC (July 2, 2009): Manufactured by Tymphany.

Vifa web site (July 2, 2009): Vifa International was founded with the goal of bringing real movie theatre sound to integrated home cinema systems. As audio enthusiasts ourselves, our pursuit of this objective can only be described as obsessive. Decades of experience, years of development, endless hours of testing and the occasional tantrum have gone into producing a range of home cinema systems as uncompromising as the people they're aimed at. We freely admit our approach to the subject is highly ideological. We believe good sound equates to reproducing a live recording with all its nuances (and imperfections) as accurately as possible. This is the principle upon which all our systems are based.

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V I F A D26AG-38 (4 ohms,mesurée= 2,7 ohms)