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Omyang logo
Company name Omyang
Address 371-41, Gasan-dong, Gumcheon-gu, Seoul, 153-803, Korea
Official site Official website
Email address jsbyun@omyang.com
Telephone number 02 6330 7700
Fax number 02 6330 7719


General information

TAC (January 25, 2010): The Omyang website is currently under construction.

Omyang web site (January 25, 2010): As for this year, we are 35 years old now. According to a Korean saying, it's the time that all the natures with mountains and rivers changed three and a half times.

For these 35 years, we have been focusing on only one item: the Loudspeaker. Things are changing so fast in this world with new breakthrough IT inventions; however, Loudspeakers have had no innovations with its original technology.

With this circumstance, we are running and running not to get behind our competitors. In this highly competitive market. I hope our homepage will somehow get us closer to our customers and be a help to the growth of loudspeaker industry.

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