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PhonoPhono web site (August 1, 2009): We are a company in Berlin since 1998 and sell turntables, needles, and replacement equipment for vinyl. It all began on the Internet. Quick had spread that we kindly advise and inexpensive, high quality devices sold. So many customers have been through referrals and word of mouth out about us. And more and more people wanted not just the Internet, but also personally visit us and listen.

Since autumn 2003, see us in the Bergmann-Strassłe 17 in Berlin Kreuzberg. Here we can in our beautiful Hoerraumen personally and advise our devices perform.

We currently have in our privacy Hoerraumen following systems: a space accommodates Quad (ESL988, ESL 57) with Green Wall-transistor amplifier and Bladelius electronics. You can also Avalon Indra on Hovland electronics hear Simon Yorke turntable design and Brinkmann. In another room to play the new passport Amplifier INT150 icon to Avalon Avalon Ascendant N or N with turntables TransGaming rotor, Thorens, Roksan, and many others.

Since early 2007 we are dealers for Avalon Acoustic speakers, and thus we will spoil you in the other room with Avalon speakers, fed by tube electronics from airtight. New are Bladelius, passport, Hovland, Brinkmann and Whest.

BTW: You will find also of Grado headphones and Stax, which you can hear all the time. Our Demo change constantly. We always have the latest equipment ready to listen.

More than 30 turntables and a myriad of phono preamps and pickups are ready to listen. Our rooms are on the first floor of a beautiful house located Wilhelminian - 200 square meters with a major load on. Visit us in beautiful Berlin!

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