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Company name Almedio Inc.
Address 32-13, 2 chome, Sakae-cho, Higashimurayama-shi,
Tokyo, 189-0013, Japan
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Telephone number 042 397 1780
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General information

Almedio web site (July 5, 2009): Our company name, "ALMEDIO", is a coined word originated from Spanish which means "The Media" in English. ALMEDIO means "Contribution through Media".

We are a technical accumulation style maker whose nucleus business is the Test Media (test DVD, CD, etc.). Since foundation, we have secured the compatibility of each media and offered the convenience nature to the consumers by offering the Test Media that are the quality standard of computer equipment and AV equipment. We are doing OEM production business of music CDs and DVDs and tackling with the development of computer software by making the most of the technology that we have fostered with Test Media production.


Almedio web site (July 5, 2009): 1981.5 The company was founded in Hachioji City Tokyo as A-BEX Research Laboratory.

1981.6 The company relocated its headquarters to Kokubunji City Tokyo. The next month it commenced production and sales of audio test tapes.

1984.6 Accepted subcontracted operations from JEIDA(Japan Electronic Industry Development Association)to handle measurement heads for IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

1985.11 Exported test tapes to government-operated Plant No.4 in Guiyang City Guijou Province China.

    1985.12 Accepted subcontracted operations from JEIDA to handle test CDs.  

1990.5 Completed the company's headquarters building in Higashimurayama CityTokyo. At the same time changed the company's name to A-BEX.  

1991.1 Was awarded Radio Technology Prize for Mechanical Alignment Test CD.  

1991.1 Established Nihongi Plant in Iruma City Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo as a CD production facility and began in-house manufacture of CDs.

1994.2 Launched Multimedia Development Office.    

1994.4 Established Miyadera Facility in Iruma City Saitama Prefecture near Tokyo as a CD package plant.  

1994.9 Established Kumegawa Facility in Higashimurayama City Tokyo.

1995.2 Established representative office in Hong Kong.  

1996.8 Established representative office in Singapore.

1996.10 Established Hamura Facility in Hamura City Tokyo. Consolidated Multimedia and Music CD production divisions.

1997.3 Changed the company's name to Almedio Inc.  

1997.6 Established Kokubunji Facility in Kokubunji City Tokyo with the objective of improving the business efficiency of the Systems Division.  

1999.3 Has gone public as over-the-counter issue in Japan Securities Dealers Associations.  

1999.9 Operation started of DVD production line.  

2000.1 Was awarded Radio Technology Prize for the contributed article of The characteristic and sound quality of CD-R.

2000.12 Was authorized as a DVD Verification Lab. of class B.

2002.12 Started to sell Alignment disc.

2002.12 Started to sell SET-P220A that is write strategy evaluation tool.  

2004.8 Was certified under ISO 14001.  

2004.8 Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange 2nd section.  

2005.10 Established subsidiary ALCERA (Su Zhou) Co.,Ltd.  

2007.4 Taking over TEST MEDIA business from Teac Corp  

2008.9 Was authorized as a DVD Verification Lab. of class A.

2009.3 Was authorized as a BD Testing Center

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