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Company name Fluke Corp
Address Science Park Eindhoven 5110, 5692 EC Son, Postbus 1337,
5602 BH Eindhoven, Netherlands
Official site Official website
Email address info@fluke.nl
Telephone number (040) 267 53 00
Fax number (040) 267 51 11


General information

Fluke Corp web site (November 10, 2009): Fluke is an American electronics company, founded in 1948 by John Fluke Sr.. Headquartered in Everett, in the United States. Fluke offers more than 100 countries in test and measurement devices. Development and production are both in the United States and in Europe. A global service organization supporting the sale.

Fluke Corporation in 1993 - after several years with Philips to have worked - all global test and measurement operations acquired from Philips. Fluke Netherlands has since been located in Son near Eindhoven. By Fluke works around 2,700 people worldwide.

Fluke offers a wide range of test and measuring equipment for service, maintenance and installation of electrical (tech) technical, (petro) chemical and process industries. The products are robust, reliable, accurate and safe to use.

Fluke also offers comprehensive services in the area of calibration and repair.

The production of Fluke Corporation and the sales and service organization of Fluke Netherlands BV are ISO 9000 certified.

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