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Segue data Systems web site (July 21, 2009): Segue data Systems is a division of a 22 year old Southern California Electronics Company. Our services focus on investigating, developing, manufacturing, and marketing products oriented towards the music business. The engineers at Segue are highly experienced in digital and analog circuitry, computers, and software. With roots in electronics, audio, and music, Segue is uniquely positioned to know what works in the Music and Audio fields. Our extended family of contacts include musicians, composers, producers, and sound specialists. They provide us with practical reviews of our work before introduction to the public.

Our first product, MonoSter grew out of the personal need of our musician friends to easily convert mono .wav files into stereo .wav files. So, we set out to design a piece of software that would fit this need. Our second line of products is called EqPhase/EqSound. The idea for the EqPhase/EqSound line of equipment came from listening to a very expensive sound system with out-of-phase speakers. It turned out that the amplifier manufacturer had actually incorrectly wired the outputs. It also became evident to us that people in the music world often hook up their equipment incorrectly, and had no simple way to test it. So, we built a model to test for correct installation. We soon found that everyone wanted to borrow our tester, which gave rise to the concept of a product line. Additionally, we were able to test the low frequency response of the speakers.

Segue data Systems is a creative venture into the world of music technology. We are proud to be designing new and revolutionary ways to generate music!

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