Today some good news about my new big "2-Way Electrostatic Speakers". I made an ESL + Bass-Transmissionline in one. The two ESL`s work very well, and I am very happy about the sound. It took around one year (!) from the idea to these nice ....speakers. :-) If somebody interested on more informations, I will write an update text.


What I used


  • HxBxD 200 cm x 37 cm x 40 cm
  • ESL: HxB 134 cm x 31 cm
  • Insulator: M3 Foam tape Scotch 1,5 mm thick 19mm width
  • Material: perforated steel plate
  • Mylar 6um/Graphit

Bass speaker

  • Type DS080i ALuCone
  • Impedanz: 4 Ohm
  • Power: 75 Watt RMS
  • Sensivity: 91 dB +/-2 dB W/M SPL
  • DRM: 200 mm
  • 30-3,500 Hz From: Conrad