I just completed my first home-brew ESL project, hooray!! I would like to start off by thanking Barry Waldron and Roger Sanders for information provided on the "Electrostatic Loudspeaker Information Exchange". Thanks guys, the information you provided has proven to be invaluable.

Well before I go any further I probably tell you a little bit about me just so understand where I'm coming from. I consider myself to be an "audiophile" enthusiast. Due to my relative young age of just turning 26 (and the fact that I often find myself enjoying compressed music, i.e. rock, pop), I don't feel I have yet earned the required credentials to be considered a true "audiophile".

Also the fact I have had only one system that I would not be entirely too ashamed of to mention, consisting of my so beloved "Carver Amazing" ribbon speakers. Plain and simple I'm hooked on dipole speakers (ribbons, Maggie's, electro stats, etc), although I haven't had the means of obtaining or even auditioning every (any) speaker I desire to hear. This is what led me to The Audio Circuit.


Description of project

Now please don't laugh (ok go ahead, I do) J, my 1st ESL was built from products obtained entirely from "Menards" hardware/lumber store and "Hobby Lobby" craft stores. The stator consists of decorative perforated aluminum coated with polyurethane. The diaphragm being a heat-shrink window insulating kit coated with graphite lock lube. Spacers were made from 3/32 of in inch basswood, and supported by a glue together wooden artists canvas frame.

All this is "stuck" together with 3-M double-sided tape to make it easy to disassemble for mods. Now finally I come to my question. These speakers tend to be rather inefficient, even more so than my ribbons if that's possible J. I'm driving the ESL's with 2 NAD 2200 amps bridged mono delivering around 500 watts/channel.

The transformers I currently employ are some old philco transformers I got out of an old tube consol stereo. These transformers will arc internally and cause my amps protection circuit to activate at even relatively low volume levels. Can someone please recommend a recommend a transformer, and the power limits of that transformer? Thank you so much. Mark.