After building my Experimental ESL I plan on building a full range ESL system and a ESL with a transmission line woofer built in. I really like the looks of the AudioStatic ESL and the second pair I am going to build will look similar. The first will be made out of perforated metal. I've been talking to Barry Waldron (via e-mail) almost everyday and I've learned a lot. He's a great guy too. I've ordered some parts and supplies from him and when they come in I'll start building. I'm keeping notes and should have an article to send you when this is all done so you can put it on your site if you wish.

I promise that these next projects will be better than the my first one. I have some sketches I made with MS Paint in BMP or JPEG format . I can't promise you when they will be built. I'm taking my time and trying to learn all that I can. Hopefull I'll have my first pair built by January and the second pair a few months later.



Below are some of the drawings I'm working on, all of them are incomplete as of right now, but you should be able to get a good idea of what I have in mind:

  • Picture 1 is just a frame design, it's rough.
  • Picture 2 is how I'd like to build Rogers compact T/L ESL design, less sharp corners and metal rod stators instead of perforated aluminum.
  • Picture 3 is a rough design of a a full range esl I'd like to build four 6' tall panels. 2 panels per channel with one panel crossed over for low frequencies for each pair.
  • Picture 4 is what Barry and I have been working on.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Right now I'm waiting for some information on woofers so I can pick an inexpensive one to design the T/L around. Barry recommends Dynaudio but I don't want to spend that much money. This design will look like a cross between Audostatic's ESL and Innersound's EROS. I may even try to curve the panels to have some Martin Logan SL-3 mixed in. But the design of the system will not be copied from anyone, just the the way it will look. Be patient because this has been a great undertaking for me so far. Sometimes it's been frustrating too, and I've not even decided on the dimensions yet!!!

Hopefully, when I'm done it will look and sound great, but it won't be nearly as expensive as a kit or commercial ESL. But I still have a lot more research to do before I even start to build. I've built a full range ESL panel about 6' tall a few weeks ago using some information from Barry and from Rogers book and it sounded much better that my first project. Unfortunately, I tested it without a frame attached to it and my dog ran into it and broke it. I did learn that I can build a lot better sounding ESL than my first one, so all is not lost.

I'll answer any questions I can, but since this was my first ESL I might not always be able do so right away. Regards, Paul Parsley. You can contact Paul Parsley via The Audio Circuit.