The latest version of my wide range ESL is described in l' Audiophile but I developped a little cell 40 mm x 400 mm for horn mounting and a 40 mm x 2000 mm large dispersion tweeter for the french company ONDO. Most of my works are registrated designs and they are listened to by hundreds of people.

Since the early 70's I built several electrostatic headphones and electrostatic loudspeakers. I wrote articles for the French magazine l'Audiophile where I described my works :

  • Feb/march 1989 - pages 108 to 119 : An electrostatic headphone (100% personal design)
  • May 1990 - pages 108 to 121 : A tube amplifier for electrostatic headphone (based on a schematic from Stax)
  • July/August 1993 - pages 58 to 66 : An electrostatic loudspeaker (100% personal design with trapezoïdal shape, registated design in 1982)

The latest version, now in process, of my headphones use metal rods electrodes, composite moulded frames and an tube amplifier with four EL34 in a direct drive design. It's the best electrostatic headphone/amplifier I have ever built. I have Stax and Koss ES headphones to make listening comparisons.

Please visit the Electrostatic Headphone Circuit / DIY / Philippe Hiraga to find out more about my electrostatic headphones.




Close up of the stator


One of three Diaphargm stretching jigg