Since Barry was a teenager he was always intrigued by the uniqueness of the electrostatic loudspeaker, he had heard Infinity ServoStatics, and KLH-9s, that were out of his price range. After reading Roger Sanders' first construction article in "The Audio Amateur" magazine, many years later, he found that they lived an hour apart so he made an appointment to go listen to his custom "No Compromise" system. He was so impressed by his knowledge and the fact that a home built speaker system could be so much superior to anything then available, commercially, that he made a commitment to have a similar system. A year or so after finishing his first project, and learning more from Roger, he began offering his help to others, world wide, who expressed an interest in designing and constructing a custom electrostatic loudspeaker system.

The designs that Roger Sanders and he have created strive to provide the following attributes:

  • Accuracy
  • Transparency
  • Realism
  • Superb imaging
  • Concert hall Row-A sound pressure levels
  • Seamless integration of the woofer and ESL
  • Powerful and extended bass response

-- all at an affordable price.

We are pleased that some designs have been published in "The Audio Amateur" and "Speaker Builder" magazines and have been well received. B.Waldron

Barry Waldron can also supply parts to the home builder. See Materials and Parts, The ESL Information eXchange


A Bibliography of Barry Waldrons Publications

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