Bibliography on horn loudspeakers



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Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook by John Borwick, third edition, 2001 Focal Press, Oxford, ISBN: 0240513711. Contains a mathematically detailed description of ESL operation written by Peter Baxandall, including enough detail about the venerable Quad ESL63 to allow close duplication of the design (if you're so inclined). (Mark Rehorst) Available at
High Quality Sound Reproduction, James Moir  

High efficiency receiver of large power capacity by E. C Wente A description of a high efficiency receiver of large power capacity for horn-type loud speakers (Reprint / Bell Telephone Laboratories, inc) (Unknown Binding)
by E. C Wente

Available at
Radio horn speaker encyclopediaby Floyd A Paul Available at
Troubleshooting & Repairing Consumer Electronics Without a Schematic (Paperback) by Homer L. Davidson. 461 pages Publisher: McGraw-Hill/TAB Electronics; 3 edition (January 15, 2004) Available at

Reducing physical size limits for low-frequency horn loudspeaker systems(Dissertation) by Richard Allison Honeycutt. From 1881 until the present day, many excellent scholars have studied acoustic horns. This dissertation begins by discussing over eighty results of such study. Next, the methods of modeling horn behavior are examined with an emphasis on the prediction of throat impedance. Because of the time constraints in a product-design environment, in which the results of this study may be used, boundary-element and cascaded-section types of analysis were not considered due to their time intensiveness.

Available at




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