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Sowter web site (June 2006): We sell transformers for all applications in professional and enthusiast audio. We have been doing custom designs and providing technical support for over 50 years so we have a good understanding of what is required. We can now apply the benefits of modern test equipment and computer simulation techniques as well as our large data base of performance characteristics. If you cannot find what you need here please ask. We may have it in our design data base and if not we will be happy to to try to help with a custom design.

Electrostatic loudspeaker transformers use our multi-section technology to make high performance transformers for driving electrostatic loudspeakers from a 4/8 ohm amplifier output. Bandwidth depends on the source and load impedances but a response to 40KHz or better is possible with our new mid/high range (size F) transformers. 20Hz to 20kHz or higher is typical for our 40Hz transformers. Two transformers with their primaries in parallel and secondaries in series may be used with the center point of the output grounded to give double the output voltage. All secondary windings on our ESL transformers are center tapped. Please note the primary impedance is shown below as a reference for the power rating. You can drive from any impedance (the lower the better). The primary winding is not tapped.

Sean Bowes (June 2006): Manufacturers of Audio Transformers for Industry and Enthusiasts.

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