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Aussie Amplifiers web site (July 14, 2009): Aussie Amplifiers and Holton Precision Audio are a branch of Australian Audio Innovations. We started designing amplifiers for the DIY audio community as far back as 1993. Our first amplifier released was a 350 watt Toshiba MOSFET amplifier module. This was published in Australia's Silicon Chip magazine in June 1994. The design proved to be very popular and sold over 1200 kits worldwide. Since that time Aussie Amplifiers has grown into a business serving the commercial audio world and DIY community with very high quality, high performance amplifier modules and accessories.m Our focus continues to be on excellence in sound quality along with excellence in audio engineering and customer service.

All of our Amplifiers and Accessories are hand assembled and to order. We only use the best components and the highest grade printed circuit boards and electrolytic capacitors, such as FR4 grade PCBs with heavy duty 3 ounce copper and Gold emersion tracks and pads. We have put in the hard yards to ensure you get the very best performance Objectively as well as Subjectively. We also offer our customers a very fast response to emails as well as unlimited email and phone support should they require it. Our reputation is second to none in service and backup for our clients and we take pride in providing a world class product. Our continuing aim is for on going research and development to provide the very best in innovative well designed and very high quality products.

Cheers, Anthony E Holton

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