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Company name Harmonic Precision
Address 1960 Meredith Place, Uhrichsville, Ohio 44683, USA
Official site Official website
Email address starcompany@audiopoints.com
Telephone number (877) 668 4332
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General information

Harmonic Precision web site (October 10, 2009):LIVE-VIBE Technology employed throughout design, eliminating heat build up on chassis thusgreatly improving dynamics and musical performance (notice no square extruding heat sinks).

Newer cosmetics added since photo - (not shown) All corner pieces are now jet-black in color as the stainless steel side panels have taken on a smoother more shimmering appeal.

History of Development: In 1997 Star Sound Technologies, LLC built and sold into the marketplace an initial one-hundred rectangular chassis Harmonic Precision amplifiers (review). This limited production run contained our original circuit design employing approximately fifty percent of our mechanical grounding technology. This effort was to determine circuit life expectancy and to troubleshoot any unknowns. In the brief lifespan of this design we accomplished a discovery that has led us onto the next level of design.

Through the next four years our Executive Lead Designer, Brent Riehl, has extensively modified the chassis and continued to advance our development of Live-Vibe Technology. In October of 2001, we built and sold to a select limited number of veteran audiophiles twenty amplifiers as pictured above. The owners feedback along with their accolades has been instrumental in the completion of evolution.

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