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Roger Fontaine2004-02-23 22:21

Hi. I have a pair of acoustat model one which I purchased about 20 years ago. I have not used them for years because they always blow my receivers. Do you sell receivers that would work well with my speakers or do you know where I can get one. Thanks, Roger Fontaine.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

One of the ”liabilities” of owning an electrostatic speaker is that one must use an amplifier capable of driving them. These speakers are inefficient and hard to drive, and I doubt that there ever was (or ever will be) a receiver that is up to the task. I can\'t make any specific amplifier recommendations, but you need to look for a separate power amplifier (i.e. not a receiver) that is rated for at least 100 -200 watts per channel (8-ohm rating) and that is also rated for driving 4-ohm loads. There are many amplifiers that fit that description, but some will do much better than others. Take a look at some of the system descriptions posted on this site, to see what other people are using. Expect to pay quite a bit for an amplifier that is capable of getting the most from these speakers!

Andrzej2007-01-15 02:02

I use \"B&K\" EX-442 Sonata series power amp. with MC-101 Pre-Amplifier for my pair of Acoustat One. Some claim it is a \"perfect mach\". Regards, Andrzej

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