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Marc Russo2004-02-23 22:21

Dear Mr Szabo, aA question about modding the mk121 interface. Do I have to have a fixed 16ohm resistor or can I choose a 10ohm or 13ohm resistor if I want to vary the high freq content? What resistor gives me the most flat freq response for the mod? Marc Russo.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The best way to answer your question would be “none of the above”. Please see my “C-Modification, MK-121 Series”, located under “Modifications” for a complete description of the possible resistor configurations.

The total resistance must be 16-ohms. However, that 16-ohms is split-up into two parts, referred to as the “upper” and “lower” resistor in the instructions. There are three diagrams showing the possible combinations of resistors.

For a “flat” response, the combination would be approximately 2-ohms for the upper resistor, and 14-ohms for the lower resistor (total 16-ohms). However, due to differences in listening rooms, and your own personal taste, it is usually best to use a variable resistor to determine your own “best response”. If you have the original 6-ohm variable resistor, it is best to use that for the upper resistor, and a 10-ohm fixed resistor for the lower resistor (again, 16-ohms total).

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