, Identification needed, mystery model from Italy?

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Fred2004-02-23 22:21

Hello, the model I would like I.D. was mfg. in Italy around 1995 approximately. They are said to be the last mfg. before closure. The panels were charged by a single toroidal transformer at 4000v -0.05 va. The sub is 8” at 3ohms and the panels at 4ohms. A picture is send seperately. Hope you can help. Thanks and regards Fred.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I don\'t know much about the Italian Acoustat models. However, using the information already posted on this site, along with the information and photo you have provided, I will attempt an answer.

There are photos on this site of the Italian models 1300 and 1400. The model 1300 appears to be a two-panel-per-speaker unit with no woofer, probably similar to the Spectra 22 or 2200. The model 1400 appears to be a single-panel-per-speaker unit with woofer, perhaps similar to the Spectra 11 or 1100. Your photo, which also appears to be a single-panel-per-speaker with woofer, is probably a Model 1200. I have no way of telling what the technical differences might be between the two single-panel models 1200 and 1400. Perhaps one of them has a better woofer system, similar to the Spectra 11 vs. the Spectra 1100.

Does anyone have more complete information?

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