Spectra 11, Output, amplifier producing heat

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Isik Cubukcu2004-02-23 22:21

I have the Acoustat Spectra 11 ESL, the Sumo Andromeda Power amplifier (class AB) and the Sumo Electra Pre-amplifier. While working , my power amplifier is producing much heat .Is it normal? Can it cause any damage on my amplifier? Is my amplifier suitable for Spectra 11 or should I look for another? Thank you.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

I am not familiar with the power rating of your amplifier, so I can\'t offer a complete answer to your question. If you can tell me the 8 ohm and 4 ohm continuous wattage rating of your amplfier, I can answer your question better. In general, if you are seeking room-filling volumes, I wouldn\'t recommend much less than 100 watts per channel for the Spectra 11. 250 watts is not too much, if handled with care and not driven into clipping. If you hear distortion from the amplfier or speaker, turn it down to avoid damage.

All amplifiers produce heat under normal operation, even if not playing music. The larger the amplfier, the greater the amount of heat produced, and of course, playing the music loud, and/or driving a low impedance load, will increase the heat. Good ventilation around large power amplfiers is a must. Most amplfiers have some sort of thermal shut-down mechanism, so if your amplifier overheats, it will likely shut down before damage occurs.

Acoustat speakers do present a load to the amplifier that produces more heat that many conventional speakers. First, Acoustats are relatively inefficient, so the amplfier needs to work harder to produce a given volume. Second, Acoustats are fairly low impedance, creating greater current flow to the load. Both of these conditions contribute to heating in the amplfier.

Will2010-11-17 21:02

I Recently bought a pair of acoustat spectra 11 they didnt come with, the power cord that connects to the speaker terminal where can i by a power cord for these speakers and what dc volt ouput is required thanks

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