Spectra 2200, Various, left and right ?

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Joe Evans2004-02-23 22:21

I currently own what appears to be a pair of Spectra 2200\'s. I understand that they are different left to right. How can I tell which is which ?


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

All Spectra (Symmetric Pair Electrically Curved TRAnsducer) speakers do have a right and a left speaker. This is because of the controlled dispersion characteristic of the speakers. Note that only the panels are considered ”left” or ”right”. The transformer interface is the same for either side.

As originally manufactured, the Spectras were labeled at the upper rear corner of the speaker, or on the interface mounting bracket. If this label has fallen off or is not visible, it is easy to tell by listening to music. When listening to the speaker from the front, the high frequencies (actually full range) should appear to be coming from the inner edges of a properly set-up pair of speakers . That is, the left speaker will have the high frequencies coming from the right side, and the right speaker will have the high frequencies coming from the left side.

A properly set-up pair of Spectras will present a precise sound stage, with sounds seeming to come from between the speakers. A backwards pair will have a ”hole” in the center sound stage, and will sound pretty weird.

Maurice Chevalier2010-07-20 17:53

Hello Andy,

I hope you are still reading this forum...
I recently purchased a used "pair" of Acoustat Spectra 2200.
They please me but I'm not convinced by it's sound stage and i've just discovered your answer to an old question about how to distinguish a left and a right array...
I didn't found any label to help me except those put by the former owner on the wood plates.
So i have to be sure i've got a pair or not.
The high frequencies (actually full range) appear to be coming from the inner edge of the left array but on the "right" one, they come from the outer edge...
I read that on the 22 owner manual that one hole can be found to distinguish right and left arrays:
"Each is identified by a small hole (3/16" diameter) located in the top metal capture plate. The hole is on the left side of the left array and right side of the right array - when viewed from the listenning side ."
Is there a "top metal capture plate" on the 2200 ?
The only hole i found on my pair of 2200 was used to let wires coming from the interface to the array and it was on the same side.
I'm afraid i own two left arrays...
What do you think of that Andy ?



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