Spectra 66, Panels, felt pieces

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Les Bordelon2004-02-23 22:21

I currently own a pair of Acoustat Spectre 66 speakers (Ser #33099001 & 33099002). I bought them new in September, 1989, and I think they are close to the first ones manufactured. I owned 2+2\'s and Spectra 3\'s prior. The speakers continue to operate, however I have had to repair the continuous charge power supply (regulator transistor and zener diode) on both speakers.

Attached to the back of each of the electrostatic panels are felt pieces, one large and two small per panel. I think these are attached to dampen any membrane resonance. Over time several of these have come unglued and fallen to the bottom of the speaker. Could you confirm the purpose of these felt pieces and what are the results on the speakers performance without these felt pieces. Could you also please provide any information on the glue used to attach them to the rear of the electrostatic panels. I would very much appreciate you help.


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

The felt pads attached to the rear of the panels are to dampen unwanted resonances in the diaphragm. They are an integral part of the speaker\'s design, and should be replaced if they have fallen off. I\'ve never heard of these falling off before, so my only guess is that not enough adhesive was originally applied at the factory.

Acoustat used an industrial contact adhesive, but any general purpose spray contact adhesive should work. Following the product\'s instructions, spray a generous amount on the felt (not the speaker!) and re-apply to the speaker. The wide strip is centered on the panel, with the two narrow strips aligned directly above and below the wide strip.

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