Spectra 6600, Various, information needed

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Steve Lewis2004-02-23 22:21

Andy, Absolutely awesome site!!! I would love if you could put some photos of the Spectra 6600 series (like you did for the Spectra 1100s), including schematics, frame drawings and instruction drawings, if possible on the audiocircuit website. Also, please include any upgrade information for the 6600s, like the most suitable electronics to power them, etc. Thank you, Steve Lewis


Andy Szabo2004-02-23 22:21

Information on the Spectra 4400 and 6600 will be posted soon on this website. The drawings, etc, will be the same types as currently posted for the Spectra 2200 and 3300. Photos of all the latter-day models will also follow.

I don\'t have any specific information on upgrades for the 6600. None were ever offered by the factory. (Incidently, there was a Spectra 66, but the only difference between that model and a 6600 was purely cosmetic.)

Sorry, I don\'t have any amplifier recommendations. I made it a policy, while at Acoustat, not to make amplifier recommendations (other than Acoustat\'s own amplifiers, of course). This is a highly personal choice, and there are simply too many different products on the market. I will say, however, that anything less than 100 watts per channel would not allow the 6600\'s to deliver their best performance (but there are people with 30 watt tube amps that might argue with that, too!).

Thanks for your kind comments on the website. All the credit goes to Hans Zeeuwe for maintaining this site. I stumbled upon this site quite by accident, and I decided to help out. Working at Acoustat was the most rewarding part of my career, and this website helps me re-live those glory years.

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