TNT-200, mod info needed

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Rob Green2004-02-27 17:19

I own an Acoustat TNT 200 and I understand that there is a modification that will increase the fidelity of this amplifier. Is this correct? Does anyone have information about this? Thanks, Rob Green


Roy A. Esposito2007-10-12 04:18

For Acoustat Pure-FET Amplifiers, Models TNT-200 and TNT-120 there are factory specified updates that I can perform to improve performance and lower distortion considerably. I add to these my own improvements and updating and boast 100% client satisfaction with all of my finished work. The Trans-Novas were already outstanding and radical amplifier designs, which were way ahead of their time and they still outshine just about any other amplifier design ever made... even today... in terms of sheer performance, musicality and enduring reliability. (cheers, Jim !!) I have personally developed a widely acclaimed MonoBlock Conversion that I make available to those owning Two or more Acoustat TNT-200\'s ( or TNT-120\'s) (It is instantly user-switchable to Stereo or Mono Mode) Contact to arrange for upgrading, improvements or repairs to MRP-, RP-, MK-, TNT-, TNP- or Spectra Series Acoustat interfaces or components. Roy A. Esposito / member of Dr. James C. Strickland\'s original Fort Lauderdale Design and Manufacturing Team.

Roy A. Esposito2019-04-17 15:41

The current email contact address for service / upgrades / improvements
of Acoustat MK and Spectra Interfaces, Acoustat TransNova Power Amplifiers
and the three models of Acoustat Preamplifiers is :

The ISP closed down many years ago and my email address
carried by that service went away with it.

All work is by appointment only and reservations are almost always made
with two to six months waiting time. There is still very high demand
for the Acoustat products we produced decades ago that were
way ahead of their time.

Roy A. Esposito2019-04-20 17:42

Hello Again fellow Acoustat Devotees :

I have always had....and continue to have
for exclusive use in my Acoustat service work
... all parts needed....originals and verified subs....
including the long obsolete MosFET's and J-FET's
for my repairs/upgrades/improvement "package".
of the Acoustat TransNova series 200 and 120 amplifiers.
Same applies to the "packages " for the Acoustat Spectra
and MK series Interfaces and the three models of
Acoustat Preamplifiers. All contact with me is exclusively by email :

Enjoy the Music !

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