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Alyssa Siegel2006-09-23 16:10

My father was a serious audiofile and I have had his Acoustat X speakers sitting in my living room untouched since around 1990. Time to re-arrange furniture and I need to decide whether to sell them or let my engineer husband delay looking at them another decade :-) . Without doing too much research (and my audio knowledge is limited), I remember that my father had driven out to Pennsylvania to someone who built some special kind of tube-Amp for them. Last I heard, one worked fine, one needed some sort of potentially simple repair. (Hence my husband\'s intent to check them out). Can anyone give me some idea as to the approximate value of this system were I to sell them? Thanks much, Alyssa.


Andy Szabo2006-11-03 17:13

Acoustat loudspeakers do retain their value quite well, even for units as old as the Model X. The main determining factor in this model\'s value is 1) their cosmetic condition, and (more importantly) 2) the condition of the servocharge amplifiers. I\'m not sure who in Pennsylvania might have worked on the amplifiers. Only a few individuals have the specialized knowledge and correct parts to properly repair this unusual amplifier. Alas, there have been a few individuals who have done repairs & modifications that were ill-advised (despite their assertions that they knew what they were doing!). I suggest you contact Mike Savuto (contact info elsewhere on this site) for repairs to the amplifiers. I suggest you have him check them out and repair as needed. Even if one of them was working okay when last used many years ago, it should still be checked, as high-voltage parts can age and fail just sitting there. For a properly working pair in reasonable cosmetic condition, you might fetch around $500, upwards to $1000. All of this depends on finding the right lunatic (smile) in the right place at the right time. The Model X enjoys a bit of a cult following. I monitor the Acoustat auctions on eBay, and see Model X\'s for sale a couple of times per year, so there is a market for them.

Alyssa Siegel2006-11-05 21:10

Thank you for the reply. I think I was mistaken, however. I checked the images on the \"Electrostatic Speakers\" page and my speakers match the image of \"Direct-Drive Vacuum-Tube Amplifier (Servocharge) Monitor 4\". Not Acoustat X as I previously thought. Same advice? Thanks.

Andy Szabo2006-12-08 13:51

Yes, my response is pretty much the same. Since the Model X has 3 electrostatic panels per speaker, and the Monitor 4 has four panels, it is actually a more desireable product. That might increase the selling price a bit. Both models use the same servocharge amplifier.

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