Monitor 4, Servo charge amp

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Pang-hsin Wang2006-10-26 00:18

Could one remove the output capacitor (0.1 MFD 5000 volts) and make it direct coupled? Because the ESL\'s 3 panels are totally insulated. I may get half of the drive or it could work with music AC riding on 2600 volt DC bias? Would someone knows both AC and DC condition of the servo amp running \"OCL\" output capacitor less. Or I could have a 10 Meg 5 watt resistor to replace the output capacitor??? I am looking forward to hearing from the experts. Thanks,


Andy Szabo2006-11-03 14:32

DO NOT remove the output coupling capacitor in the servocharge amp! You must remember that the speaker operates on electrostatic forces, and applying a DC potential to the stators would seriously effect its operation. Furthermore, you would likely get current flow through the capacitance of the panel that could even cause damage to either the panels or (more likely) the amplifier. It is true that some people have replaced the original output capacitor with a better grade of part, but a capacitor must remain in the circuit.

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