3, Output one speaker

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Eby Movahed2006-11-10 20:33

Acoustat3, by Eby Movahed (November 9, 2006): Hi, I Owen a pair of Acoustat3 I had them restored by Sounds like new while back and they did an incredible job,and they worked fine since, but recently one speaker sounds much lower in volume than the other one , the fuses are all OK,and I have checked all conecting cables and everything else that I could think of on my owen ,does any one have any idea of what might be wrong, or know if Sound like new is still in business the phone# I have is out of service,any help is greatly appreciated. thanks


Andy Szabo2006-11-30 22:35

You can contact Sounds Like New, Roy A. Esposito at Soundslikenew@prodigy.net. He will be able to help you. Before you contact Roy, have you tried swapping the amplifier channels, to verify that the problem is actually in the speaker? If you swap left and right amplifier channels, and the problem moves to the other speaker, then you will know the problem is not in the speakers. If you determine that the \'low volume\' problem is in the speaker, then you most likely have a problem in the bias supply circuit. Roy can certainly help with that relatively minor repair.

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