1 plus 1, Humm Noise

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Silvan Karrer2006-11-18 22:14

Hi, since about 2 Weeks I own the great 1+1 ELS with Medaillon unit. One question: the speakers have a humm noise, wich I hear (if it is very quiet) from about 1,5 meter. The humm dont stop it I disconnect the speaker cable. The AC Cables are pluggend in the same AC panel with the amp and CD player. Many thank for your appreciated answer. Silvan Karrer, Switzerland


Andy Szabo2006-12-11 20:38

By unpugging the speaker cable, you have proved that the hum is not coming from your electronics. I can\'t think of any electronic fault inside the speaker that would cause a hum to come from the ESL panel, so I suspect what you are hearing is a vibration coming from the bias transformer. That is, there is nothing wrong with the speaker, but the power transformer for the bias supply is vibrating (which is normal to an extent), and causing the metal chassis and/or wood frame to vibrate. The bias transformer (smallest of the three transformers) is mounted on rubber grommets to stop hum from being transmitted to the metal chassis. If the mounting screws are too tight, or if the rubber has dried-out and hardened, the rubber grommets may not be doing their job. Take a look at the mounting of the bias transformer. The rubber grommets should allow the transformer to move around a bit. You may need to replace the grommets, and merely adjust the mounting screws. If this doesn\'t solve the problem, please write again. We\'ll get your problem fixed!

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