TNT-200, DC repair parts needed

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Gary Smith2006-11-21 23:09

Hi there...I have an acoustat TNT-200 to drive my pair of acoustat model 3\'s works great, however when I switch the amp on I blow the fuses in the speakers when the speakers are hooked up to the amp. If I disconnect the speakers..turn the amp on and then attach the speakers they work fine fuses blown. I am assuming that the amp is putting a DC spike out..I have taken the unit to the repair shop here in northern alberta, Canada to be told they also think that it is a DC problem as they have the repair TNT 200 manual and schematic and they say that the required parts needed to repair the DC are not available any longer...any idea as to the parts required and if there are substitues available..can you help?? Gary


Andy Szabo2006-12-11 20:53

I suggest you contact Sounds Like New - see their listing under \"Refurbishing\' They probably have the parts needed to repair your amplifier. (Sorry, I am not aware of any qualified service techs in Canada.) I haven\'t encountered this sort of problem before, but it certainly is possible for an amplifier to misbehave as you describe. I suggest that you do not use the amplifier until it is repaired. The problem could worsen and cause other parts in the amplifier to fail, and/or possibly cause damage to your speakers. On the other hand - what size fuse are you using in the speaker? If you are using a rather small value, fast blow fuse, it might blow due to the turn-on transient of the amplifier (the TNT-200 lacks any sort of turn-on mute). Did this fuse-blowing problem just start, or has it always done this? (Just trying to cover all the bases here!) Anyway, hope this helps - do write again if you still need assistance. -Andy

Sasa Jovanovic2007-01-11 17:21

Hi, I have two TNT120 and both have same DC spike and this is normal for this amp. TNT120 is identical design to TNT200. You can try to use time delay relay set to 2-3 sec. You can find it at electro surplus store. I did mine. Just put it between amp out and speakers. Since this type of relay is usually heavy duty no loss in quality. Regards.

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