Spectra 33, Biamp?

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Robert2006-12-05 00:30

Greetings folks, Does anybody know if the 33\'s can be configured/modified to be biamped.... Regards


Andy Szabo2006-12-11 22:31

Unlike the earlier MK-121 Series transformer interfaces, the Spectra MK-2123 interface does not have separate high and low frequency transformers (which, conceiveably, lends itself to bi-amping). The MK-2123 does have two audio transformers, but they are identical and are used to drive each phase of the push-pull system. All of the frequency-selective portions of the Spectra interface occur on the secondary, high voltage side of the transformers. So, there is nothing to split for the purposes of bi-amping and/or bi-wiring on the input side.

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