Spectra 11, Balance components?

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Robert2006-12-16 00:48

I want to know which components are used to balance the system top to bottom? I see a ten ohm resistor and a 1 and 4 ohm as well. I have replaced the two NP-caps with new ones of the same values and added a zobel to the woffer (10uF and 6.5ohms). These changes have cleaned up the sound very nicely but I would like to try a newer design woofer and might need to balance the system again.


Bobwire2007-01-02 23:11

I answered my own question about replacing the woofer of my Spectra 11\'s. I found that a HIVI-D8a 8 inch woofer works great. I only had to go from 1.6 cu.ft to 1.5cu.ft. and to port it to make it work(2in. dia X 4.75in.). I get deep clean bass that makes these speaker new again in fact, better than new. The stock woofer has a hump at 80hz and is down -3dB at 54. The stereophile test CD shows very strong output at 31.5hz. And if you have not already, put cones feet on them.

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