SPW-1, Tuning and dimensions

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Dave Stowers2007-01-17 18:35

There seems to be current activity in the ESL portion of the Acoustat area, so sorry for the repost. I have obtained the crossovers, input panel, and drivers for an Acoustat SPW-1 system. I would like to construct a cabinet for this hardware, preserving the original design (volume, tuning), but have only a small ad photo from an old Speaker Builder issue to base the style on (oak top/bottom panels, sock around a very approx 26in wide x 22in high x 20in. deep cabinet with a single ~4\" port (no depth specified). I\'ve measured the drivers using WT2 and they all are fairly consistent parameter-wise, so I believe they are functioning as intended. Can provide T/S parameters if there\'s interest. Is there someone who can either provide or point me to less approximate information regarding SPW-1 tuning and dimensions? ... my dang Stereophile-pile has a gap that starts with Vol12, issue 10 (includes an SPW-1 review) :P Planning to use this with 1+1S system that came with no sub unit. Thanks and regards.


Andy Szabo2007-01-20 17:34

The external overall dimensions for the SPW-1 are 23\" wide, 17\" deep, and 18-1/4\" high. Since the wooden top and bottom plates hang over the edge a bit, I would subtract about 2\" from each dimension to yield the external size of the actual woofer box, that is 21\" W x 15\" D x 16\" H. The box was probably constructed from 3/4\" or 1\" material, so you can figure the internal volume from that. I have no dimensions for the port tube, but if you have measured the Thiele-Small parameters of the woofers, and know the box volume, a suitable port can be calculated. I am quite sure the system was tuned for maximally flat response, rather than having a \"bump\" to give initially impressive (but false) bass response. But this is your chance to make it whatever way you want. Yes, please do post the Thiele-Small Parameters of the drivers. Somebody is bound to want to know someday. Ask the webmaster to post under the \"SPW-1\". Was the SPW-1 reviewed by Stereophile? I don\'t remember any reviews - if it was, I sure wish I had a copy.

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