1, Woofer problem!

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Andrzej Kruszewski2007-01-19 21:37

I just discovered the forum (great info. source), so I have few questions for Andy Szabo, or someone else with the knowledge of original design of One\'s woofer and tweaks. As a result of uncontrolled use of my system by my New Year\'s Eve Party guests, I discovered : audio fuse blown in one of the MK -141C , woofer dual-voice coils damaged and possible damage to Air core inductors (chokes?). When testing it, by direct connection of amp. outputs to the woofer, one chanel did not play at all, and other made scratchy noises. I examined interfaces carefully (but have no knowledge or tools to test it properly), and they look O.K. - no visible wire or component damage, no discoloration, and panels seem to play O.K. (but they are 20 or so years old). I have had coils of the woofer repaired by pro-technician. When testing woofer after repair, it started to play in full range. It looks as the crossovers are damaged. From the schematic of MK-141-C, I read (from left to right) crossover parts: L1 4.5 mH/4.3 ohm ; C5 330uF; R6 -10ohm/25w. Strangely, inside the woofer enclosure I have found two (one for each chanel)- what looks like -transformers w/o core, it must be Air Core Inductor (L1 4.5 mH / 4.3ohm) ???... Each of them is marked with numbers LA 002 and 2009128, and no other elements of crossover (C5 ,R6)... Am I missing some parts in my woofer cabinet???... I bought the One\'s \'second hand\" and don\'t know what woofer looked like originally inside. I would like to replace crossover with the original parts, or do you recommend upgrade to some different (newer and better)parts?... Where can I buy them???. I live in Poland, and shipping the woofer to Florida may be an overkill, so if i can get components, I can rebuild crossovers here. If I can not find suitable inductors, technician can rebuild them for me here in Poland, but he needs pertinent values: mH, ohm, wire or foil type and gauge. Please let me know what should be installed inside woofer cabinet - crossover parts ( is my info from the schematic correct???...). Where can I buy the parts?... and what parts (possibly upgrade?). In the future I am considering building of two separate woofers. As Andy Szabo explained, it may improve stereo imaging. If yes, what crossovers should I use (values and types). I have two 8\" woofer drivers that I got some time ago from Rockford. They were sent to me by mistake, as a replacement to my 10\" driver for One\'s woofer. They are \"new in the box\" and never used, so in the future I would like to build cabinets and put them to use. What size (in liters) do you recommend? Another idea, is to build them in to lower section of the One,s frame and put the enclosure behind it?. On the page for Acoustat 1, there are some pictures (2 and 3) and it looks as a good idea. Question to the person contributing this two pictures: are this Model One adapted to include woofer, or is it another model of Acoustat ?... Once again on crossovers - should I consider buying \"ready made\" crossovers, if yes what kind : for 10\" single woofer - \"Parts Express\" has two types 4-ohm and 8-ohm, each 200 watt RMS, designed for dual voice coil subwoofer and 12dB per octave slope ( no other specs).b.) for two 8\" woofers with single coils - no info. or idea on brand or specs. Thanks for any help I can get out there, and please excuse my text book english. Kind regards, Andrzej Kruszewski.


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