, Bias supply smoothing caps

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Gary Clausen2007-06-04 17:41

I\'ve come across a lot of Vitamin Q P52477 caps rated .1uF 7500Vdc. Does anybody know the dielectric used in these and whether they would be suitable as bias supply filters as I have read about in various mods for the Acoustats? They are rectangular cans approx. 3.75in. W X 3.25in. L X 1.375in. D with some ceramic insulating post that are about 2.25in. L adding to the 3.25in for total of 5.5in. L I have enough that I can do my complete surround setup plus some left to sell if any interest.


Andy Szabo2007-06-09 15:08

Please disregard anything you\'ve read about modifying the Acoustat bias power supply. All the \'suggested improvements\' I\'ve seen range from merely silly (offering no improvement) to stupid (actually degrading performace)to down-right dangerous (shock hazard, possibly lethal). The factory-original bias supply is quite adequate for the job, and I strongly suggest (and beg) for you to DO NOTHING.

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