, Bass transformer resistor MK-121

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Gary Clausen2007-06-06 00:08

I\'ve heard of replacing the 1 ohm wirewound resistor in series with the large bass transformer with 1 ohm 25Watt Dale in the heatsink case and have a set with that mod for in a MK-121 C mod. pair. I was think of doing similar for my other pairs (surround setup), but have 1.5 ohm and 2 ohm 50 watters.(2 of each) What would the effect be of using this higher value?


Andy Szabo2007-06-09 14:58

I would not recommend using more than 1-ohm in this application. The DC resistance of the low-frequency (LF) transformer is extremely low, and if your amplifier had any residual DC output, it could cause excessive DC current flow. The 1-ohm resistor (in series with the LF transformer\'s primary)raises the DC resistance to a safe level to prevent this from happening. Some people have suggested removing this resistor entirely, but that is bad idea for the reason mentioned above. The sonic improvement in replacing this resistor will be minimal at best. If you can\'t replace it with a value in the 0.75 to 1.0-ohm range, I would suggest you leave it alone.

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