1 plus 1, Interface Problem

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Greg Wiesner2007-06-13 14:58

I have a set of Acoustst 2+2 Electrostatic Speakers with a Mk-121-C interface. My left speaker started sparking the other day at the interface. I read that it could be the 50,000 ohm, 50 watt resistors breaking down. There is bad distortion and hi and low peaks on the volume for that speaker. I saw that David Hafler suggest a repai tech in Florida, Sounds Like New. Called the number and got a disconnection notice. Does anyone know who repairs these interfaces? Please Help! Greg


Andy Szabo2007-06-15 02:53

Try contacting Roy by email at: soundslikenew@prodigy.net. I have heard that Roy is difficult to contact, keep trying.

Andy Szabo2007-07-27 23:35

The 50,000 ohm resistors appear frequently on eBay, from a seller called \'Soundvalves\". These are genuine Acoustat \"new-old stock\". However, these resistors are pretty reliable, and although they can fail, I would first suspect a problem in one of the audio transformers. Since you have one interface that is operating properly, you could track down the problem by swapping one part at a time from the good interface into the defective one. This is assuming, of course, that you are handy with a soldering iron, etc. I\'m not sure, but Soundvalves may have some audio transformers, too.

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