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Gary Clausen2007-06-22 03:34

Ok, finally I have several B&G (Carver)ribbons and thinking about building some new frames as I\'ve got to replace some ripped pannels anyway. Thinkning about placing them between panels and wondering if that 11 degree angle should still be used and good x-over freq and slope? I see some others have supplemented their Electrostats with ribbons.


Andy Szabo2007-07-06 20:18

I don\'t have any direct experience adding ribbons to Acoustats, so I can give you only general advice. You didn\'t say what model Acoustat you have. If it\'s a two-panel wide speaker, (i.e. Model 2 or 2+2, it is probably best to place the ribbon between the two panels. If it\'s a three panel wide speaker, I would put the ribbon between the inner and center panel (thus yielding mirror image speakers). The recommended crossover and slope would be best recommended by the manufacturer of the ribbons. If your aim is to extend the very top-end response, then crossing over rather high (maybe above 5 kHz?) would be sufficient. But it really depends most on the ribbon. Any one else have experience in this area?

Gary Clausen2007-07-26 21:28

Hi Andy, The Carvers are normally used around 150-175Hz with a rather steep 18dB slope in their design. I do have a pair of Model Two\'s and 2 pairs of Two+Two\'s. I was also thinking that another way I could improve dispersion would be to use the inermost panels (facing listener) full range with the resistors from the bass x-former summing with the caps from the high x-former and then add another pair of 50K 50W ohmites to just the output of the bass trannies and feed the outermost pair form just the bass side. I would then put the ribbons on the inermost side of each pair (to get the mirror images)crossing at much higher freq with gentler slope. I imagine the I would probably want some low pass filter on the output side of the resistors feeding the bass only panels to help keep the higher freqs from causing two wide surface to be used to reproduce highs.

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