1, Acoustat Model One Woofer

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David S2007-07-07 21:59

Hi. Total neophyte here. Purchased Model 1\'s (141b)yesterday; picking them up tomorrow. Very excited! 3 questions: 1) I have an Adcom GFA-535 Amplifier. Will this be sufficient for use in a small room at modest volumes? 2) Do the speakers stay plugged in and turned on 24 hours a day, or do I power them up only when listening? 3) I have a powered subwoofer plugged into my preamp\'s subwoofer output. Can I use this instead of the Acoustat woofer and simply attach the speakers directly to the amp? Or is the Acoustat woofer necessary to maintain proper speaker operation? Thanks muchly


Andy Szabo2007-08-03 23:29

Congratulations on joining the Acoustat family! The Adcom amplifier is probably sufficient to drive these speakers, especially if you are in a small room and are looking only for modest volume. With care, you can use up to 250 watts per channel (8-ohm rating). The speakers should remain plugged-in and powered at all times. Their power consumption is minimal, and leaving them energized will ensure that they are always performing their best. If you expect not to be using the speakers for some time (more than a week) it\'s okay to unplug them, but it may take a few hours after re-energizing for them to reach optimum performance. The Model Ones do not require the woofer to be connected for the ESL panels to operate. Using your powered subwoofer as you describe is fine, and it is probably a better solution than the Model One\'s woofer. The only difficulty might be matching the crossover point, slope, and volume levels on the woofer to work well with the ESL\'s. The ease of doing this will depend on the flexibility of the controls on your powered subwoofer.

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