1, Help with MK-141c in germany

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Andreas Blum2007-07-14 13:39

Hello, i just came across this site. Hopefully someone can help me with my damaged acoustat speakers. I bought these speakers including subwoofer about 15 years ago from my brother (he has an hifi shop and imported them via JAMO). A few weeks ago i recognized that one panel has only 5% output. I brought the panel for fixing to my brother\'s. The technition doesn\'t speak english so i try to translate. After screening he found out that some parts are damaged e.g the 500 MEG Ohm resistor(Wiederstand). His problem is to find someone in germany delivering these Parts and the schematics. It would be very kind if someone can help me getting these parts so that my speakers can be fixed. Sincerely, Andreas Blum


Andy Szabo2007-08-03 23:17

Try Newark Electronics (www.newark.com) as a source for the 500-Mohm resistor. It does not have to be that exact value. 500-Mohms is optimum, but you can use anywhere from 100-Mohms to about 700-Mohms. The wattage rating does not need to be more than 2 watts (the existing part is rated at 5 watts). Alternately, you may be able to find a suitable part through a local distributor who specializes in television repair parts. Unless you find an exact replacement, I would suggest you replace the resistor is both speakers so that they match. Schematics for the interface are included on the Acoustat Manual CD, available for sale on this website.

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