, resistor 500 Mohm for MK-141C

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Andreas Blum2007-07-20 11:08

After searching this site i came across the adress of newark.com with its german contact Farnell. They provide 500 Mohm resistors.Here is my Question: will the 500 MOhm, 5W, 20000V thick film resistor suite as refitting for the damaged 500 Mohm resistor in the MK-141c. Any help is welcome. Sincerely, Andreas Blum


Andy Szabo2007-07-27 23:19

The resistor you describe should be fine as long as it physically fits - some high voltage resistors are huge. Just make sure it has plenty of room around it, without touching any of the other parts on the board. The resistor does not get hot in operation, but should have plenty of space to prevent any possibility of high voltage arcing to other components. The exact value of this resistor is not critical: 500 M-ohm is optimum, but it could be as low as a few hundred M-ohms. Both speakers in a pair should have the same value.

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