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Wanchai2007-07-31 07:06

I just bought 8 of standard 9\" panels and 4 of ex soundlab eng. modified 9\" panels.And I ruined the exist. panel of Soundlab m3 by heat air gun.(suggest not to do heat treatment for esl. if no really necessity). The interfaces of Soundlab and Acoustat are nearly the same concept with dividing two ranges of hi & low freq. step up transformers to the stators.I have no idea of what are the figures (size of Soundlab\'s stator transformers are much larger than Acoustat mk121 c_mod.)but they have attenuators for three ranges hi,mid,low in Soundlab m3\'s interfaces.The DC voltage for the mylar is 15 KV (three times higher than Acoustat)with bias attenuator also.My questions are :can I make new frames for 6 panels per side like Acoustat 6 and connect to the Soundlab m3\'s interfaces. Do I need any modification in the circuit of Soundlab to fit to the Acoustat panels? I plan to put 2 mod. panels straight at the middle and 4 standard panels by both sides with angle.What is the suggested angle. Any more advices will be appreciated. I think your reply would be useful for the Sounlab\'s owners whoever have the problems with their panels or Acoustat\'s owners whoever have the problems with their interfaces.


Andy Szabo2007-08-03 22:55

You will need to reduce the bias voltage from 15 KV to 5 KV. I do not recommend any higher than 5 KV for the Acoustat panel. Since I am not familiar with the Soundlab bias power supply, I can not suggest how you would lower the voltage, or even if it can be done. I do not know if the Soundlab audio transformer(s)can handle the capacitance of six Acoustat panels. The standard Acoustat Model Six actually used two MK-121 interfaces per speaker, because the audio transformers are designed to drive four panels maximum. The angle between panels for the Model Six is about 6 degrees. Unless one is intimately familiar with both Acoustat and Soundlab technologies, then this could be a very frustrating project. If you are attempting to mix Acoustat and Soundlab panels in one speaker, this will only serve to complicate matters further (especially if they have different bias voltage requirements, different equalization, etc.) All in all, I can\'t say I would recommend attempting such a combination of different brands. For any brand, the ESL panels and corresponding audio step-up and bias supply are designed as a set, and trying to mix different designs will be very difficult if not impossible. Since you own a bunch of Acoustat panels already, I might suggest trying to find some MK-121 interfaces or servocharge amplifiers to drive them.

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