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Jim Lanier2007-08-21 08:28

I have a question about the sectoring of the Spectra panels. What are the widths of the Spectra panels? Are they all the same size? It is my understanding that they are electrically sectored but not mechanically separated. Is this correct? (ie if the moving surface is 8\" wide the stators are electrically separated in the center(4\" from edge)..meaning that the high frequency drive from the full range side can mechanically propagate to the mid/low side of the diaphragm)


Andy Szabo2007-08-21 20:22

All of the panels used in Spectra models are Acoustat\'s standard 9-inch panel. They are electrically divided in half by making the wire stators in two sections (both front and back). Both electrical sections share a common diaphragm. I wouldn\'t worry too much about propogation from one section to the next. Electrostatic forces are very weak, and the effects of the stators on adjacent diaphragm areas will be negligible. I suppose there could be some mechanical propogation of the sound waves across the diaphragm, but it\'s not something that I\'m going to lose any sleep over. Nor should you.

Jim Lanier2007-08-21 23:07

Thanks for the answer. I was not debating the pitfalls. I just wanted to know if Acoustat built them that way. BTW, the mechanical propagation would be substantial, but this is not always bad. The speed of sound through the solid is much different than through air. I have been designing and building electrostats for about 30 years and some of mine have done just that. It is however a parameter to consider when modeling dispersion characteristics. The vector analysis is just a little more work :) Thanks again, Jim

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