, Acoustat MK-121-B

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Chad2008-08-15 04:42

Hello, I recently came across a pair of tower speakers with the Acoustat MK-121-B as the type on the back of the plate. I would like some info on what these would sell for, or if this is a desirable model. I hooked them up to my Toshiba receiver and they sounded quite nice, although I think an amplifier would help the sound. Any info would be appreciated! Chad


Andy Szabo2008-09-15 23:46

Unfortunately, Acoustat usually didn\'t identify the model number on the speaker. The MK-121 designation refers only to the \'black box\' transformer interface and power supply on the rear of the speaker. This box was common to several models. If you can provide the overall dimensions of the speaker, I can probably identify the model number. Yes, Acoustat speakers are still highly sought after, despite having been out of production for over 15 years. They are very reliable, and have shown little tendency to degrade with time. They can represent a fantastic bargain for buyers interested in the used market. Compared to more conventional speakers, they are rather inefficient and difficult to drive, so a large separate amplfier is recommended to get the maximum performance. Even without knowing the model number, I can say that they are probably worth at least $500 for the pair.

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