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Wanchai2008-09-11 09:21

Hi Andy,I\'d like to bother you again. I am myself the Acoustat freak because I love their nuance and smooth sound. I have own 2+2,1-s mk141c, DIY 3+3 connected to Soundlab m3 interface and a bunch of 8\" & 9\" panels. But the life is not easy whenever I compare Acoustats to my Apogee DIVA ,they still lack the high freq. transient and macrodynamic even they have better quiet noise floor and microdynamic. When I listen to 1-s which has the high pass filter and low pass to the subwoofer ,they have better transparency to 2+2. So I guess that the low freq. may interfere to the high freq. when they are driven full range to the same panel.Now my question is I want to add 1-8\"+1-9\" with new frame to my 2+2 by connecting to the high audio transformer (after the capaitor) and let 2+2 connected to the low audio transformer only. Is there any problem such as audio transfomer saturation ,etc? And will it help ?


Andy Szabo2008-09-25 22:26

Your observation that the Model 1 with woofer is \'more transparent\" than the 2+2 may be correct, but I don\'t think it is due to the low frequencies being absent from the transformer or panel. Rather, I think it is because the wider area of the 2+2, operating full range, does tend to \'smear\' the sound somewhat, compared to the narrow, single-panel \'line source\' speakers like the Model 1 and 1+1. This is a compromise inherent in all of the older Acoustat speakers. That is, the smaller, narrower models tend to have superior imaging and transparency, with the larger, wider models having better bass and dynamics. This is the reason that the Spectra series was developed: to avoid that compromise. All Spectra models have the same, narrow-width panel area producing the high frequencies. This way, all the models have very similar imaging and transparency, with the larger models simply offering more of the same great sound, with deeper bass and greater dynamics. The Spectra models no longer force listeners to accept that compromise between different models - the choice of which model to buy becomes more a matter of economics and room size. That said, I doubt you can accomplish your stated goals by adding more panels. You must remember that there is considerable overlap between the high and low frequency transformers, and they cannot be thought of as \'woofer\' and \'tweeter\' transformers. They operate together over a considerable span of the midrange. As long as your are attempting to use the older (pre-Spectra) models, you will be forever frustrated by their inherent compromise - no single model has everything that you are looking for. Since you do like so much about the \'Acoustat Sound\' (and there is a lot to like) I suggest you look into one of the Spectra models. They appear frequently on eBay, sometimes for very reasonable cost. Another option might be to add a line source ribbon tweeter, which could certainly extend the top-octave response. However, just like adding a subwoofer to a system, it can be difficult to find a component that has a similar sound chararteristic, and getting the phase, amplitude and crossover point \'dialed-in\' can take quite a bit of experimentation. And in case you are wondering, (and I know you are!) no, it is not possible to create a Spectra model using the MK121 transformers. The Spectra transformers are radically different than the MK121 transformers, and it\'s just not possible to get the required equalization from the old-style transformers.

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