Monitor 3, How much power for Acoustat Model III\'s?

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David Shaw2008-09-17 05:19

What is the optimum for both solid state and tube? How about the minimum? Thanks in advance, guys!


Andy Szabo2008-09-17 18:53

How much power you need will depend, of course, on how loud you like to listen, and how large a listening area you have. That could range from a low of 50 watts per channel, up to 250-watts per channel (8-ohm rating). Regardless of power rating, the amplifier should be able to deliver high current and be stable for difficult loads. Personally, I would want at least 100 wpc in a solid state amplfier. Some people do use tube amplfiers with Acoustats (with good results), but the selection process is further complicated by the fact that tube amps tend to have a higher output impedance that varies with frequency. This means that the interaction between the speaker\'s impedance and the amplifier\'s output impedance will have a much greater effect on the sound (primarily frequency response).

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