Spectra 2200, No power

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Rex Hookens2008-10-05 19:08

Hallo ,can you please help,after listening for a while,i decided to review a pair of Apogee Divas,so i rolled my 22 to the otherside of the room while i auditioned the Apogees,after a few months,i have moved the 22 back for play,but both will not charge up,i have checked the fuses,none blowen,plug in the wall transformers are showing 15v supply,but the LED,does not light-up,any ideas why? reards Rex


Andy Szabo2008-10-29 21:03

Neither speaker will play? Wow: that\'s pretty unusual to experience the same problem in both speakers at the same time. But obviously it does happen! Maybe your speakers are mad at you for putting the Apogees in their place: speakers have feelings too, you know. OK, so you\'ve already verified that the wall transformers are putting out the correct voltage, but the LED\'s do not light up. I would check first that the wall transformer plugs are making proper contact. For some wall transformer plugs, the hole in the interface metal is too small, and will not allow the plug to fully insert into the jack. I had that problem on my Spectra 4400\'s when I tried to use non-original plugs. I enlarged the hole in the metal to remedy that. You may also have an older design of the ultrasonic bias power supply, which can suddenly stop working for no apparent reason. If memory serves correctly, that problem was already corrected by the time the 2200 was introduced, but maybe not. The easiest way to identify the \'new and improved\' design is to look at the squarish air-core transformer on the small bias power supply board. Note the red wire exiting the top of this transformer - if this red wire has another wire wrapped around it (and secured by heatshrink tubing) then you have the newer design and should have no problems with the bias supply. Note the wire wrapped around the red wire doesn\'t actually make electrical contact with the red wire - it acts as a close-coupled \'antenna\' to provide feedback for the oscillator. If the red wire has no wire wrapped around it, then the supply should be modified to the new design. That procedure is fairly easy using commonly available parts, and is outlined in my Technical Bulletin on the Ultrasonic Bias Power Supply, found elsewhere on this site. That\'s about all I can think of for now. Since the LED\'s are not lighting, it is clear that your problem is either not getting power to the supply, or a problem with the supply itself. That pretty much rules out any problems with the audio step-up system. By the way, the fuse on the rear panel is in the audio circuit, and has nothing to do with the bias supply. Good Luck, and do write again if you need further help.

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