Spectra 3300, Disassembly

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Ed Kleemola2008-10-15 23:31

I have removed the arrays from their bases on several occasions, and have usually gotten \"zapped\". After reading through your information regarding the MK-2123 bases, it turns out that one of mine appears to be wired for the Spectra 2200 series (22 on the back left). Since I\'m going to have to remove the array again to check the low end wiring, I was wondering if you had any advice on how to properly discharge the unit other than through my body. Also, I have the subwoofer, but there\'s no finished wood top or bottom on it. Do you know where I might find these? Why do I have this strange set of 3300\'s with the missing subwoofer wood and the mixed up bases? I bought the set from a guy that did some video work for Rockford Fosgate in the early \'90s. They gave him the set as a bonus of sorts. He got sick of lugging them around, so he sold the set to me for a grand total of $250.00!!! He even threw in a Carver M-500 amp! Sorry, I just had to brag a little... Thanks for your help! Ed Kleemola


Andy Szabo2008-10-17 23:20

Congratulations on finding these speakers at such a reasonable price. Always nice to hear good-luck stories like that. The panels and power supply can be discharged in two ways. If you power-down the speakers and wait several hours before disassembly, the residual charge should be bled off by then. But who wants to wait? If you carefully pull out the red wire from the jack (being careful to handle it by the insulated portion)and touch the tip of the plug to any of the other colored connections, you will get a spark. That will discharge the majority of the charge on the panel. Repeatedly replacing the red plug, and removing it again and touching another connection, will bleed the charge from the power supply. Doing that 2 or 3 times should be sufficient. This procedure should remove enough of the residual charge to safely remove the rest of the pin-plugs and proceed with disassembly. Even still, there could be some residual charge in the power supply, so it\'s best to wait a while before getting into any disassembly of the interface itself. If one of your interfaces is wired for a 2-panel speaker, I do recommend correcting that. Otherwise the bass response will be bumped-up on that speaker. I doubt anyone has any of the wood tops or bottoms for the subwoofer. If memory serves correctly they are the same size as the Spectra 2200 or Spectra 3300 base. They are definitely the same style of construction: veneered plywood or medium-density-fiberboard (MDF), with solid wood trim around the edges. Someone with only moderate woodworking skills should be able to duplicate them. I don\'t remember for sure, but I think the Acoustat Manual CD available from this website has drawings for the Sepctra bases.

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