Spectra 6600, Spectra 3 mods to become a 66

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Gary Smith2008-11-11 23:25

Andy Is it possible to make a Spectra 66 based on an existing Spectra 3 model other than adding the other panels and wiring to the interface providing that the existing interfaces for the spectra 3 can be wired to handle the extra panels? I have advertised in most audio publications looking for a pr of Spectra 66 or 6600\'s but after a year, none have become available, thought that this modification to a spectra 66 from a spectra 3 maybe the next best way.


Andy Szabo2008-11-12 13:10

Making a 6-panel Spectra from a 3-panel Spectra is not as simple as adding additional panels. The audio step-up transformers are different for the 4 and 6-panel Spectra\'s. These transformers provide less bass boost due to the larger panel area. Using transformers designed for 2 and 3-panel Spectras would result in too much bass in a 6-panel speaker. There are also some component values that change on the high voltage board for the larger models. But don\'t give up hope yet: the Spectra 44/66 transformers appear frequently on eBay: these are genuine surplus parts sold to a liquidator when Rockford Corp sold the Acoustat division. The part number is TTA-246 and you will need four of them for a pair of speakers. The different component values for the high voltage boards can also be sourced. I\'m not surprised that you are having trouble finding a pair of Spectra 66 or 6600 on the used market. Not many of them were made (definitely less than 100 pairs) and it\'s not the kind of speaker that one gets tired of after a few years. I suspect most of them are still with their original owners. Good Luck!

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