Medallion interface upgra, Acoustic 3 Non-Medallion

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Rocky2008-11-12 17:34

1) In the HV supply can I replace the diodes (25G10 rated at 10-kV at 25-mA) with M100FF3 (rated 10KV at 20ma)? The M100FF3 diodes are soft-recovery type with Trr = 30ns. 2) I bought my Acoustat 3\'s in the early 1980\'s. Sometime later, a friend of mine modified the speakers (the C-mod with the 47uf +10uf+.01uf caps). don\'t have the medallion transformers though. Recently I noticed that the low frequency audio transformer is connected to its Red (2-panels) lead rather than the Orange (3-panels) lead. I know I have an Acoustat 3, I can see the three panels. Is the wiring incorrect or was this part of the C-mod? Rocky


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